Whether to make your business project a success, get more from your deals or to lead your team more effectively or make a career change. We are here to assist you.

We want our work to be effective. We are committed to efficiency, practical impact and straight forward solutions. 

We do not believe in one "magic method" or "one fits all" approach. We use methods and tools that are most appropriate for you in the given situation and that you are comfortable with. Typically we use combination of consultancy, training andcoaching .


We offer a powerful mixture of business law expertise, transactional work and business management experience and negotiation skills.  

Our services could be useful for you in the following instances:

  • Do you need to discuss your business case or structure a transaction ?

  • Are you preparing for important negotiation and want to brainstorm?
  • Are you not confident enough to negotiate on your own?
  • Do you want to set up a firm or make your colleague a partner?

 "In two hours we clarified what is it that we really want, what the issues between us are and got expert advice on how to tackle those issues. Just hugely useful. Thanks!"  – start up firm partners

"I obviously misunderstood “negotiations” with “bargaining”. After consultations and negotiation preparations with you I make far more useful deals " – businessman, 20 years in merchandise trading business

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